We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, processing, distribution and trade of coating products
Current position:



In order to cooperate with Changrong International's marketing strategy and development goals;

Provide convenient, fast and considerate services to the vast number of Changrong international product users;

Establish Changrong International product brand service to promote the promotion of Changrong International products;

A series of service commitments have been designated to allow our customers to receive more satisfactory service.

When you purchase Changrong International products, you also purchase Changrong International's reputation and services.

"Service sincerity and sincerity, perfect quality" is the eternal pursuit of Changrong people.

Our company solemnly promises:

Strictly follow the national standards to organize the production and sale of ecological plates, not to produce or sell inferior products, and to be highly responsible to users in terms of product quality. Strict compliance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification is also the consistent aim of Changrong International. At the same time, the quality service and supervision hotline was launched, and the customer service department of the company responded to the processing opinions uniformly, and could call to receive complaints and supervision of quality problems from users at any time.

pre-sale service:

With professional spirit and Changrong International's many years of production experience in the industry, in line with the purpose and attitude of being responsible to customers, we will introduce and recommend the most suitable plates to customers according to the needs of each customer to ensure our customers Able to obtain the required technical sheet, while ensuring product quality while reducing production costs and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

On-sale service:

In the process of plate production and processing, Changrong International will carry out accurate plate processing according to the customer's specific process requirements, according to different quantities, specifications, brands and detailed process requirements, and strictly in accordance with the customer's order time requirements. Reasonable production cycle to complete the customer's needs at the fastest speed, so that the customer's funds reach the maximum utilization rate.

After-sales service:

Changrong International will provide perfect after-sales service guarantee for all customers. Our company has a dedicated customer service department to carry out a 24-hour rapid processing process, guaranteeing the rights and interests of customers at the first time, and guaranteeing "5+5" to complete after-sales service.

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